There is much work to be done in Washington

We have to continue our recovery from the lengthy recession we have experienced.  Sustained job growth and a long-term plan to make our nation energy independent must be our top domestic goals.  Support for and development of green jobs and renewable energy must be priorities.  We need policies that support an economy focused on making things that the rest of the world wants, instead of an economy of collateralized debt and creative financial instruments.

We must create and maintain vibrant and innovative public schools that can educate our children to prepare them for the workplaces of the future.  We must teach our children to understand the need to be actively involved in the affairs of our communities and our country.

We have to implement laws and regulations that will assure us of avoiding the kind of “too big to fail” issues and bank bailouts that resulted from the financial meltdown of 2008.  Most Republicans including Mitt Romney want to repeal the Dodd-Frank Wall Street reform act.  The recent JP Morgan/Chase multi-billion dollar investment losses serve as a timely warning that we need a stronger Dodd-Frank law and a more robust “Volker Rule” to properly regulate our banks and lending institutions.