A candidate forum first thing in the morning was a great start to a busy Saturday.  A big thanks to Berean Christian Church in Lawrenceville for hosting this event.

In the afternoon, I was off to the Herb Green Event which was hosted by the Gwinnett Democratic Party.  I was glad to see that this event was well attended.  I saw a lot of new faces.

Who was Herb Green?  Herb Green was a lion of a political activist with the Democratic Party of Georgia.  He was a member of the Gwinnett County Democratic Party Committee for over fifty years, and was a delegate to five Democratic National Conventions.  He was a long-time union representative with the United Auto Workers Union, and was instrumental in securing the endorsement of organized labor for Jimmy Carter when Carter was elected president in 1976.  After Herb retired from the UAW, he continued to serve on the Board of Review for the Georgia Department of Labor for many years.  The consummate family man, church man, community activist, and Democrat, Herb’s memory is revered.


At the forum at Berean Christian Church in Lawrenceville

Me, State Senator Steve Henson and Beth Henson at the Herb Green Annual Picnic