I just formally qualified today at the state capitol as a candidate for Congress in Georgia’s 7th District.  I’ll be on the Democratic Party Primary ballot on May 22nd.


Walking through the capitol, I was reminded of the importance of this election and what’s at stake for our country.  Together, let’s “fight the good fight” to fix Washington and make Congress work again for all of our people.  Let’s fight the worst impulses of Donald Trump and those who enable him in Congress.  Let’s resist attempts to divide and distract our great nation.


We need a federal government that reflects the basic goodness and humanity of the American people.  That requires electing to Congress men and women who bring with them a dedication to public service.  That requires from all of us the determination to strengthen “the ties that bind” each of us to the other and to our country.


In the often cynical political culture of today, we won’t be told that we can’t change Washington.  If we work together to leave no group of Americans behind, then we will change Washington for the better.


I respectfully ask you for your support in this campaign.  For those of you who have already committed your time and money to supporting me, I sincerely thank you.  See you on the campaign trail!