Gwinnett Forum Endorses Steve Reilly

Elliott Brack from Gwinnett Forum endorses Steve Reilly.

Two Peachtree Corners residents vie for this post. It’s refreshing to see the Democrats offer an attractive candidate, Steve Reilly, 51, whom we endorse. He wants to get the economy continuing in the right direction, draw down our forces in Afghanistan, tighten sanctions in Iran, and get more people involved politically. His opponent, Republican Rob Woodall, 42, is a throwback to his former boss, ex-Congressman John Linder, and offers the same tired suggestions we have heard about endlessly, such as the “Fair Tax,” making it easy to support Mr. Reilly.”

Privacy and the Constitution

If Mr. Woodall’s perspective were ever to become the law of the land, it could dramatically alter our freedom from government interference in our private lives, from access to contraception to one’s right to simply be left alone in one’s own home. The Constitutional right to privacy has been settled law in our country for decades, and should remain so.

Rob Woodall says his constitution does not allow for a right to privacy