I was very pleased to receive the endorsement this week of the Sustainable Politician Project.  This group endorses eco-friendly candidates  who support environmental causes, initiatives, and legislation.


District 7

Wow, District 7! You have a lot of great candidates to choose from. It might be difficult deciding which one you want to vote for with this many options.

Our pick: Steven Reilly 

  • Democrat
  • Lived in Georgia since 1975
  • Served as the 7th Congressional District Chairman of the Democratic Party of Georgia
  • Strong thoughts on what the Trump Administration is doing to hurt the environment (high five, Steven!)

Reilly supports regulating greenhouse gas emissions so that the US can “reclaim its leadership on global environmental issues.” He also believes that Georgia should continue to restrict offshore drilling to help keep the coast free of pollution and oil spills. If elected he plans to fight the Trump administration and their efforts to deregulate and undermine any and all environmental protections.


You can find the endorsement at HERE.