Afghanistan and National Security

Internationally, the United States must maintain our position of leadership in the world while continuing our military drawdown in Afghanistan.  With the death of Osama bin Laden, and the decimation of much of the Al Qaeda leadership, we have to maintain robust intelligence and special operations capabilities along the Afghan-Pakistan border as well as in the Arabian Peninsula.  However, the time has come to bring our large land force home from Central Asia.

We must keep a wary eye on Iran and North Korea.  Our efforts to contain those two pariah states must continue to involve an international effort of allies.

As our Afghan drawdown continues, it is time for us to enact reasonable, responsible reductions in our military budget.  We have to maintain a dominant, effective military force that can defend our interests. At the same time, we have to reexamine the money and resources dedicated to large scale defense programs and weapons systems.  Now is the time to be reminded of Dwight Eisenhower’s admonition that we beware the tendencies of the military-industrial complex to drive defense expenditures and strategy.