Reilly, Woodall, and the Social Compact


At our last debate, Rob Woodall said that the difference between us is that he’s for “freedom” and I’m for “security”. Mr. Woodall was wrong. The choice between his perspective and mine is really between telling Americans “you’re free, so you’re on your own – ‘good luck’ and ‘best wishes’ to you”, and my belief that with freedom comes responsibility in how we exercise that freedom.

We have a responsibility to each other, I believe. Americans cannot leave groups of our fellow citizens behind while our country moves forward. We certainly can’t write off 47% of the population as Mitt Romney suggested recently at a Florida fundraiser.

We have to remember that we’re all in this together, and that all Americans should have freedom, justice, and equal opportunity to pursue the American dream. “Shared prosperity” and “shared sacrifice” have to be common ideals that unite us. We can’t permit further erosion of the middle class. We can’t allow wealth and opportunity to become ever more concentrated in the top 5% of our population.

Ultimately, Americans are one people, and we have to move forward together. That’s our social compact. That’s my governing philosophy.

Thank You For Your Support

My sincere thanks to all of you who supported my campaign. I truly appreciate and am indebted to you for your many tireless efforts and kind words of encouragement! Together, we ran an honorable and sincere campaign to present an alternative view to that of the incumbent, and to support sensible centrist governance of this great nation. We know we can preserve and advance the greatness of America if we work to leave no one behind, preserve for all people the freedom we cherish, and are guided by the justice and humanity that are hallmarks of our people.

I congratulate Rob Woodall on his reelection. I hope that he is inclined to work with the President and members of Congress from both parties to forge reasonable consensus solutions to the issues that confront our country.

For me, there are more “good fights” to be fought. That’s a central duty of American citizenship, and one that you and I will together continue to honor.

Again, thank you.

Election Day

Tomorrow is Election Day! I need your vote! Thanks to all who have supported my campaign and to those who have already cast their votes for me. Please encourage your friends and family to vote if they have not done so already. Voter turnout is the key to success tomorrow.

As important as Election Day is, we also pause to pray for and support our fellow Americans in the Northeast who are recovering from Hurricane Sandy. Theirs is going to be a long road, and they will need all of us to pitch in, and help. Red Cross contributions can be made at 1-800-Help Now.

Thank you for all that you do!

Bank Bailout

At our last debate, Rob Woodall said he would have voted against the bank bailout during the height of the financial crisis in 2008. My question in response was: “What would have been the result if the bailout had not happened?” What would likely have occurred would have been financial disaster and economic depression. None of my generation have ever seen a “run on the banks”, but we would likely have seen just that without the federal bank bailout. Within a year or so of the resulting meltdown, we would have seen homeless families pitching tents by the side of the highway. We would have seen a second “Great Depression”.

Tough decisions had to be made to pull us back from the brink in 2008. Those who seek congressional office have got to be able to make those tough decisions and explain them to constituents. Simple minded “gut reactions” don’t constitute leadership.