Beauty Baldwin, retired school superintendent, endorses Steve Reilly for Congress

A Message From Steve

It was a disappointing outcome for our campaign in the Democratic Primary last night.  However, I want to thank each of you who supported me for all of your time, energy, effort and financial support.  There are many inspiring moments for a candidate in a political campaign, and your help provided so many of those moments for me.

Each of us recognizes that the political tribalism of our current time is a serious threat to our great nation.  We have to resist the divisions and fears fomented by President Trump and those who enable him.  Trust, dignity, empathy, common sense, the truth –  these must be restored where diminished, and strengthened every day in both our government and our culture.  We have to restore the ties that bind us to each other. This is the task required of each of us as citizens of our great nation.  It is our responsibility to our country and to each other that we relentlessly pursue this task together.

I congratulate Carolyn Bourdeaux and David Kim on making the Democratic run-off for the nomination in the 7th District.  We were fortunate to have a good group of Democratic candidates in the 7th District race.   I look forward to supporting the Democratic nominee in the general election ahead and working with all of you to put the 7th District seat in the Democratic column.




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